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About Jones and Jones

Jones and Jones home What type of home does Jones & Jones typically build?

Jones & Jones typically builds homes from $400,000 and up. The average home we build in the Lake Oconee market is in the range of 5,500 to 9,000 square feet of conditioned area. Each of our homes is 100% custom and carefully tailored to the lifestyle and desires of our clients. We have also done a number of residential remodels ranging in value from $30,000 to over $1,000,000.


Jones & Jones has done several light commercial projects including tenant improvement, commercial kitchen remodels, institutional remodels, etc.


A custom home …
The brothers of Jones & Jones – Bobby and Dan, collectively have more than 54 years of experience in the construction industry and have been working together in the Lake Oconee and Madison areas for more than 22 years. Between the two, there is not a single trade or job function in residential construction they have not personally performed. As a result, we have a breadth of knowledge and creative problem solving that is tough to match in our business.


That is just the beginning …
To achieve the level of detail and quality that Jones & Jones delivers, Bobby and Dan Jones work one-on-one with every client. Our approach to the construction process is very hands-on in all phases of the project and we are only interested in performing work to the highest of standards. We personally deliver consistent daily supervision and strive to make the process enjoyable and easy for our clients. Find out for yourself and give us a call at 706-202-0485.


Business Overview

Jones and Jones home
  • Team oriented builder with experienced based problem solving abilities.
  • One of the best reputations for quality in the Lake Oconee and Madison areas. We are also one of the most tenured builders in the Lake Oconee market.
  • Average number of building projects completed per year is 4-6.
  • Average value of building projects is $ 400,000 - $2,500,000+.
  • Expertise in remodeling work on projects averaging $30,000+.
  • Light Commercial Projects
  • We have full time carpenters and punch personnel, several of which have worked with us more than 17 years. Many of our subcontractors work solely for us. For those subcontractors that are not exclusive to Jones & Jones, we represent a significant percentage of their total revenue.
  • In-house design and CAD abilities to assist with long distance communications.


Jones and Jones home Jones & Jones Premier Builders, Inc. is a Georgia corporation formed in 2000 by Bobby and Dan Jones. Both Bobby and Dan have lived in the Madison, GA community since 1970 and have been involved with numerous construction projects since the late 1970’s. We are a local company with a deep heritage in our market, not a new entry. Since this market is our home, we treat all of our clients as if they will be our neighbors – with honesty, integrity and attention to long-term project quality.


BOBBY JONES, President and Treasurer
Bobby graduated from the University of Georgia with a BS in Finance in 1984. After graduation, he began working with a local bank – quickly realizing that he needed another path of income. Working from his past summer jobs with local builders and family construction projects; he began building a spec home and was soon hired under contract to build additional custom homes. He has been building custom homes ever since. Bobby is a founding member of the both the Lake Oconee Area Builder’s Association and the Madison-Morgan Homebuilder’s Association. He has served as President several times as well as being on both Board of Directors. Additionally, he has volunteered on several local civil boards. Bobby holds a State of Georgia Residential and Light Commercial Contractor’s License. Bobby lives in Madison with his wife and 2 children.


DAN JONES, Vice-President and Secretary
Dan graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Building Construction in 1987. Like Bobby, Dan began his building career in summers working on family construction projects. After graduating college, he began a professional career with a nationally recognized apartment developer. Returning to Madison, Dan then moved into commercial construction working on restaurants, office structures and a health club. In 1996, Dan graduated from Wharton Business School with a Masters in Finance and Real Estate. After 4 years of restaurant development and corporate management experience, Dan decided to return to his passion for building by rejoining Bobby in 2000 when Jones & Jones was formed. Dan has served in numerous official roles in the Madison Morgan Homebuilders Association and has also served several terms on local design review boards. Dan is currently Vice President of Lake Oconee Area Builders Association. Dan holds a State of Georgia Residential and Light Commercial Contractor’s License as well. Dan also lives in Madison with his wife and 2 children.


Company Background

Jones and Jones homeThe partners of Jones & Jones began building professionally in the Madison, Georgia market in the mid 1980’s. Our first project in the Lake Oconee market was completed in the late 1980’s, some 20 plus years ago. This makes us one of the most tenured builders in this market and one of the few remaining “original” builders.

For many of the earlier years, Bobby and Dan performed most of the tasks involved with the construction process from digging the foundation footings, through framing, plumbing and electrical, insulation, drywall, finish carpentry, painting, siding, roofing, etc. It is from these experiences that we are able to better manage our projects as we completely understand the work and the challenges faced by each trade. We have an acute grasp of the skill and attitude required for custom homebuilding and do not sacrifice quality for any reason.


We have never departed from our hands-on, old world craftsmanship and if you happen to visit a Jones & Jones job site, you just might see Bobby or Dan, tool in-hand, showing a subcontractor how they want something done. As our business has grown, we have assembled a team of subcontracting professionals that are uniquely capable of meeting our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. We only employ sub-contractors that have the same attention to detail as our own and who have strong business ethics for honesty and fairness. We select all of our vendors, employees and materials based first on quality and then value.


Throughout the past years, Jones & Jones has had the privilege to work with many different talented architects and interior designers on a vast array of projects. We have built log homes, cabins, arts & crafts homes, cottages and mansions, with many varieties in between. With these relationships, Jones & Jones is able to provide professional design services based on the individual client’s needs and tastes and we also offer a limited scope of in-house design services beginning with site planning completely through construction. Our client list includes Fortune 500 executives, self-made businessmen, developers, commercial contractors, pilots, and pastors as a broad sampling.


Operating Fundamentals

We believe in honesty and integrity. We therefore bid projects on an expected outcome rather than on a low bid with unrealistic proposal that will later natural inflate and disappoint our customers.


We are our own superintendents – the client gets the benefit of our experience and knowledge on a daily basis and further benefits from direct communication to/from the job site.


The building process is a team project between architect, owner, builder and other professionals. All parties must be valued to yield the best result.


We strive to address opportunities and problems before they become change orders. We are not perfect although we strive to be – yet we are not afraid to admit our mistakes and take corrective actions.

We offer a level of quality & attention to detail that is unmatched in the Lake Oconee area. Our level of completeness after punch-out is well beyond that of our competition.


Depending on the client’s budget and desires, our experience allows us to provide considerable value engineering on methods and materials; however we would never jeopardize quality or design integrity.